Question Rtx 3060 Ti Not displaying 2 monitors at a time.


May 19, 2016
System Specs Are
CPU: Ryzen 5600x, With Capellix Elite AIO
Mobo: Msi Basic B550
Ram 16 Gb Gskill Trident z Neo 2x 8 0-1-0-1.
Storage: 980 pro 1 tb boot,980 pro 2 tb Game drive
Gpu: Zotac 3060 TI AMP White.
PSU: Gigabyte GP-P650B 650 watt 80+ Bronze.

The 1440p monitor is a Asus ROG Strix XG27AQ, connected at 1440p 170hz through display port, Is 4 months old and i have no issues with it other than screen brightness flickering when I use G-Sync.
The 1080p is a basic LG 24MP56HQ-P 1080p 60hz is connected through hdmi and is not that old maybe around 6 years, but works fine with everything else.
although the issue came when I played Valorant at 1440p 4:3 so 1920x1440. and was trying to stream when suddenly my other monitor Stopped working, but when i unplugged the 1440p monitor the 1080p one would work fine. I had been playing with 2 monitors the entire time I've had the 3060ti and haven't had any issues since then.
I don't think its broken because I never mined with it. and never really play many games with rtx or that make the gpu run 100% really much, only really play Valorant.

There are no DVI / VGA / HDMI Converters that i have or use. and I don't have another monitor to test with i only have these 2 monitors.

I've Tried contacting zotac but they are taking forever to contact me back. Ive read some things about PSU Causing issues but i dont see why id have this issue bc i have 80+ bronze and 650 watts should be more than enough to power a 3060ti, Im looking at a new Corsair 850 watt gold psu but want to see if i can figure this out without having to spend money or RMA my gpu, as i dont want to be without a Gpu for a couple weeks or more.

wondering if anyone else has this issue where there GPU wont Display 2 monitors at a time.

I Have done all the Driver Repairs I can do without completely reinstalling windows. I cant seem to find the issue. I did a DDU then reinstalled the drivers and that didn't fix it.

EDIT: un Over clocking the main monitor fixed my problem temporarily but. I bought a 170 hz monitor for a reason not a 144 hz monitor.
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