Question RTX 3070 , both monitors flash black screen during gaming . No Crash


Jul 17, 2015
Ryzen 3600
G.Skill Ripjaws 16gb OC in XMP 3200mz
Kraken X63 AIO
Seasonic FOCUS GX-750W 80+ Gold
Gigabyte RTX 3070 Vision OC

During certain games, both of my monitors will flash a blank black screen, my main monitor's last frame will then appear on my second monitor. I do not believe my system stalls during this, as my inputs appear to be happening during this black screen. This happens within the span of ~5 seconds and the signal is restored. This issue never results in a crash. My monitors do no recognize any loss of signal when this happens. There is no audio distortion at all. No beeps. No monitor disconnect alert. No pop-up of a display driver failure. Usually only occurs in tandem when gaming and also having a video open in a browser on other monitor. But has happened without this.

Seemingly only occurs in single player, high GPU usage type games: Jedi Fallen Order, Assassin's Creed Valhalla. I run both of these in Ultra preset settings, as my system is capable of it.

Usually will not happen again after the first time it happens. Rare if it does, although it has. But will always occur again on a fresh reboot when back in these specific games

Only happens when in specific games.

Will never happen when just in the desktop, watching videos in a browser. watching streams in discord, photoshop, various programs, etc. My monitors will always refuse to sleep after this issue occurs.

Does not ever happen in multiplayer type games: Warzone, Overwatch, various MMOs.

The issue is extremely difficult to replicate. It does not occur in Heaven Benchmark. The timing of the issue is very unpredictable. Happening slightly after the launch of a game, other times happening 2-4 hours into a gaming session of specific games.

Started happening when after upgrading my parts gradually over time. I'm finding it difficult to pin point what could because of this.

For quite some time I was only using a 1080p, 60hz monitor with my system and never noticed this abrupt black screen issue. The issue definitely started occurring when I upgraded to a 1440p, 144hrz monitor. I'm unsure if it's a weird Display Port issue since i've had a bunch of weird issues using this specific monitor.

Want to point out it cannot be a thermal issue, my CPU idles at 40c and only seen it go up to 57c if it's really being taxed in a game. GPU usually around 61c-74c when in high usage games.

I'm not sure if it's a power draw issue due to the higher refresh rate. not sure if my PSU is faulty or a GPU/driver issue. I have done most things suggested on forums, but nothing posted has really mentioned my issue.

Have reseated both ram and GPU, done multiple fresh installs of Windows 11, have tried various drivers - only using DDU when changing drivers.

Was originally daisy chaining, now using two separate PCIE power cables for my GPU. I thought this had solved my issue, but it's still occuring.

Have tried setting power management to prefer High Performance. Does not help. Have tried using Normal and High Performance.

I apologize for the long post. Just figured I'd mention all of the steps I've taken so that it's all consolidated into one post, if anyone is experiencing/searching a similar problem.

I'm really unfamiliar with benchmarking software. So if anyone has a hunch on what my issue could be, suggestions on what I should be monitoring would be highly appreciated.
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mixing refresh rates will end up this way.. even more so when you use multiple connection interfaces.

You could and should ddu get rid of everything in this process including audio drivers. and be sure to only use ports on the gpu.

when installing fresh graphics drivers only use the high refresh rate monitor.

this last bit is a hunch not technical advice.
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