Question RTX 3070 getting "low fps" and util in BF5 for example

Sep 17, 2021
PC Specs:

PSU:be quiet! 750W ATX23
MB: MSI Tomahawk B450
GPU: 3070 MSI suprim
CPU: r7 3700x stock cooler
RAM: 16GB DDR4-3600 DIMM CL18
FANS: 2 intake 2 exhale

With these specs I'm getting like 100-130fps playing bf5 with 50-70max util and cpu around 60util on 1080p on ultra and the same performance with DSR simulating 1440p.

Is my PSU too weak for the RTX 3070?? Benchmarks show the results you'd expect: unigin heaven benchmark maxed out around 2.7k points.

What shall I do?