Question RTX 3070 or RX 6800 ?

Sep 7, 2020
RTX 3070 specs is exactly what I need and with the suitable price for me. If I can get my hands on one should I buy it ? or wait till November 19 to see RX 6800
It’s up to you, without independent reviews the 6800 is still a bit of an unknown entity. Are things like Ray Tracing and DLSS important to you? I took a punt for the first time ever and bought the 3080 upon release and I’ve been very happy. I personally would never do that with AMD, their track record for consistency with gpu performance and especially drivers is not as good. It looks like AMD have gone all out with the hardware but will they back it up with good drivers? Buying AMD before the reviews are out is in my opinion a greater risk based on their track record.