Question RTX 3070 performs bad

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Sorry I meant 31 °C - 33 °C when idle and spiking to 60 °C when I rewind video and do other basic tasks. When I play CS GO where my usage is around 40% my temperatures are around 50 °C - 60 °C, in Ghostrunner CPU usage is around 30-35% and the temperature is around 45 °C -55 °C, occasionally spiking to 60 °C.
Ambient temperature is probably 15 °C
Those temperatures are more than fine, to be expected I guess from a D15. I'm not sure why you are getting worse performance with your 3070. I would expect it to be similar performance to your old card given the low resolution and graphics settings.

Perhaps if you run the test at and post a link to the results it will shed some light.
May 12, 2022