News RTX 3080 20GB or RTX 3080 Ti Could Be Coming in 2021


May 23, 2015
On the other hand, n RTX 3080 Ti at $999.99 with the same fully unlocked GA102 core as the RTX 3090 could be appealing.

The RTX 3090 is not fully unlocked. It has 10496 cores enabled. Fully unlocked GA102 has 10752 cores. Currently only the Ampere Quadro card with 48GB GDDR6 memory is using a fully unlocked die.


Jun 1, 2014
It's a shame they didn't ship the current 3080 with 16GB of GDDR6X. The X variant is not that much more expensive then GDDR6. The 3070 should have gotten the 10GB. Very sad.


Dec 12, 2019
It's a shame they didn't ship the current 3080 with 16GB of GDDR6X. The X variant is not that much more expensive then GDDR6. The 3070 should have gotten the 10GB. Very sad.
It's almost impossible to get a 3080 in its current configuration. Nvidia made the right call. A 20GB 3080 also wouldn't have been $700 so they still would need the 10GB version to fill that price slot.


That sucks that nVIDIA isn't willing to sell a Fully Unlocked GA102 to consumers as a 3090Ti variant.
Who knows, maybe there will be 3090ti at $1999! It would be cool!
The problem with full 3090ti is the same as with amd 6900xt. Both cards would/will be very limited and rare! If you think that is hard to find 3080 or 6800xt, it is nothing compered to 6900xt or suposed 3090ti.


Nov 2, 2013
And here you are wrong my friend. Nvidia DELIBERATELY price gauged gimmick 20xx series, we all know how that end, and for once youtubers were right saying not to purchase them.

They are charging £700 (hypothetically as they are charging way more) for a xx80 NON TI in a price segment that for the past several years was reserved to Ti card, for people not into do not pay "more each time is faster" else you'd pay a TV £30k a CPU £49k or £300 a month for your internet compared to 56k modem....and so on...that's not how prices are set in markets nor inflation.

The 3080 with only 10gb Vram should have costed no more than £600 leaving a 3080ti around £800/£850 REAL PRICES, that would have been a reasonable increase over the 1080ti due of extra cost of memory from GDDR5 to GDDR6, taking into account a scam tentative (2080ti) as baseline does not make any sense at all. These cards are overpriced, the 3070 is totally useless to start with.

People will start moaning in 6/8 months when new console ports will be on PC running like rubbish blaming the gods but themselves.... :D

$11.69 per gb was the price of DDR6 in 2019... however let's assume the 6x is 35% more expensive, speculation as there is no real data on this and is an Nvidia stuff so would not believe it anyway, price is still outrageous as they want to pass 100% of their extra payment to consumer...sure...that's why most businesses cannot do that, it would be nice I guess but you cannot.

Also no one told them to use GDDR6X on all models if that meant offering a mere 10gb, AMD in this case has been smarter.

I do not buy the reasoning behind this, in fact it makes the 3080 short lived for gaming (as again majority do not buy each generation especially in a period where people would look at consoles seen prices here) and even for us doing other stuff like 3D...10gb Vram saturate pretty quickly and I can see that on my 1080ti.

"Exceptional demand" sure... like AMD said for their CPU and then you go on scan uk and see they sent less than 1000 in a month.....they don't have any because they aren't making any.