Question rtx 3080(3000 series) heats blows to side of card


Jun 5, 2015
my story is I purchasded "by accidend 3080" at microcenter ,came for something else and left with new gpu . .. .

had long fight to put new card into my existing case nzxt 440 and stupid 3x 8 pin connecter .i was happy i always overbuyign stuff,my evga supernowa g1 was 850w was sufficient to drive this monster,card its 13,3 inch long compare to old 1080 10 1/2

ok go back to main question
,my old gtx 1080 was cool my case never got warm and since i put this new one side panel gets warm,,card blows hot air to the side,there is no 2 fan case in the back to suck the hot air ,
whats my solution ?should i drill side panel and install new fan to suck hot air to outside ? or should i replace the case for bigger one and install 2 bottom fans ,
my frotn is 2x 140mm fans top is 3x120 fans and one 120 or 140 in the back

my cpu cooler is noctua nh u14s with single push 140 mm fan
rest of fans is pwm fronts ,tops and full speed in the back

set up is 2 front pulls

1st upper pull 2nd and 3rd push hot air from case

psu is at bottom ,so all air is blocked abnd there is no direct fan that remove hot air from gpu

is every coolign soplution of thsi gpu that way,hot air to the side of case ?

there is 1 1/2 inch space to the side panel when closed and only "real" exhaust fan is single in the back
card runs at 67 C so i dont complain,i m just looking for solution to "upgrade" airflow of the case

i could move one of the front 140mm fan to the bottom of case and leave gap in the middle .i cant fit 3x140mm front3080


The simplest step would be to get a new chassis, one that allows air to get in and out more easily.
The ol' NZXT H440 just doesn't allow for it. There's a significant difference between those 2 cards in heat produced.
GTX 1080 is a ~220w card(at least for the FE model), 3080 Suprim is FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY WATTS:

is every coolign soplution of thsi gpu that way,hot air to the side of case ?
That's almost all aftermarket solutions: dumping the heat inside the chassis.
See the heatsink's fins? Those guide the air after the fans have pushed air through them.


any suggestion ,go full tower build ?or one with bottom fans
A full tower isn't necessary. A mesh chassis is your best bet. It may not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone, but the only thing better than those kinds of chassis are open bench.
The following is an example of a suitable mesh chassis. Take note of the front and top panels.

any whats the thing with undervolting
Beats me. I don't believe it's been all that useful ever since Pascal(10 series) came out, because of what Nvidia did with their Gpu Boost algorithm. Turing(20) and Ampere(30) are the same way.
Adjusting the power limit slider does more than enough for most users.