Question RTX 3080 (Bottleneck Issue)


Feb 25, 2015
Ok so I just finished my new build.
And I'm afraid I'm in Bottleneck territory with my cpu but im within the return window presently im running cyberpunk at 100-80fps ultra 1440p

But in many games I'm seeing my cpu usage surf between 48-80% doesn't stay on those numbers it jist glides back and forth.. gpu usage at a locked 90 to 98% across the games of far cry 5 cyberpunk just cause 3. To name a few.

My present cpu I got the i5-11600k oc to 5ghz

I may not even be bottlenecking but ideally I'd like to have as little bottleneck as possible and be a little future proof.

Was looking at the 10900k... or 11900k as I have a gen 4 nvme.


Sorry for wall of text...


Futureproofing is a concept people are 'fated' to never overcome.
It's just another means to spend more money than really needed - there's enough of those methods as it is, so try to forget you ever heard the term.

From now on, when you monitor cpu usage, monitor each core/thread. Whole usage is inaccurate.
Games will designate one or 2 as the Primary Command Thread, which basically handle all the commands run from the game's coding.
If this is maxed or is maxing out, don't expect any better performance from the cpu.
Also, users sometimes do it to themselves with overclocking and can actually make the Primary Thread slower - generally speaking.

Some dips and spikes is normal. If it didn't do it at all, I think that would actually be worse, and would indicate a problem somewhere...

If a cpu core isn't maxed out or throttling...
The gpu isn't maxed out or throttling...
The storage isn't thermal throttling or seeing high disk usage...
That just leaves software - including the game. Software is one of the biggest weaknesses to top tier hardware, and also one of the very reasons the futureproofing concept falls flat on its face.

Try to just enjoy the games. Easy access to all of these benchmarks and in game overlays have led to people conditioning themselves to it - it's a poison of the mind.
It's ok to check that stuff out every now and then, but don't run it all the time.