Question RTX 3080: GPU-Z says "vbios version: unknown" ?


Feb 27, 2014

msi z390 mag tomahawk (running latest bios)
i5 9600k
x2 8gb corsair 3200mhz ram
corsair 850 gold psu

Hi there!

Last week I purchased a Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC 12G from Amazon. When I mounted the card and first booted I didn't get any signal on the display, I tried both HDMI and display port. I know it's not the PSU because I have a Corsair 850 gold with 2 x 8pin cables which the card requires.

So I connected the display port to the integrated graphics port on the MB and managed to post and get into the BIOS. I checked the MB board and so my surprise the card was detected fine. I then continued to boot into Windows using the integrated graphics. I checked device manager and the card was there in display adapters, in fact, I was able to install nvidia drivers so the card is definitely being detected (but with no video output). I proceeded to open GPU-Z and to my suprise in the VBIOS section, it had "Unknown". There seemed to have no BIOS on the card and therefore none of the charateristics appeared in GPUZ.

So I went to the offical gigabyte website to find the BIOS of the card so I could later flash it:

There was no BIOS to download, so I searched for one and found this:

I proceeded to flash the bios using nvflash (64 bit), now here is where I think I messed up. I used the command nvflash romname.rom and confirmed the flash. It seemed to go OK but didn't ask me to reboot. It just finished and the CMD window closed. I reopened GPUZ and there was a BIOS on the GPU. I rebooted the PC manually and when I rebooted to Windows and opened GPUZ it was back to "bios version: unknown". After giving up I later read that before flashing, I had to disable the GPU (RTX 3080) in device manager and then run the command: nvflash --protectoff. This is something I didn't do originally. Neither did I flash using "nvflash -6 romname.nom.

Could this be the reason to why the VBIOS reset after rebooting the PC? I am uncertain of what the "write protection" actually does; does it completely stop from writing or does it reset after a reboot (which was happening to me).

If anyone could please help with this issue it would be much appreciated. I really want to get this card working and I feel the lack of VBIOS is what is stopping it, I might be wrong and please let me know if I am.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!