Question RTX 3080 randomly crashes and won't boot again until it does and same issue happens ?

Feb 3, 2023
AMD ryzen 3 3300X
Asus TUF V2 RTX 3080
MSI B550 Gaming Plus
16 gb ddr4 3600
240mm AIO
2 x M.2 SSDs

So I've had this gpu for a few months and it had been working perfectly. I undervolted it when I got it to be on the safe side until I can afford a more powerful PSU but no issues with intense gaming sessions.

A couple of weeks ago, I was just surfing the web and my screens went black but the PC stayed on.
I rebooted the system, PC turned on but GPU didn't, no led lights no fans nothing and my VGA led turned on on my MOBO.
I unplugged, checked the wiring, everything was fine and the same problem persisted, GPU doesn't power on.
I tried with a different GPU (GTX 1080) and it worked perfectly.

The things I tried:
  • Cleared CMOS, pressed the power button for 30 secs -no go
  • Updated BIOS and graphics drivers - worked perfectly for 2 days and happened again
  • Change PCIE from auto to 3.0 - no go
  • Unplugged everything, reseated the ram, gpu, replugged everything on MOBO - worked like a charm until I shutdown my PC and tried to boot it again, pc turned on, gpu didn't.
I have been using my 1080 for a few days and today thought why not give it a try. Took out the 1080 and put the 3080 in.
Everything was fine for about an hour and then while on the web (nothing intensive) black screen, gpu seems to shut off. Have to power off and now same thing again, gpu doesn't turn on but the rest of the pc does. Put the 1080 in, everything works fine.
I did reset msi afterburner to normal after it started acting up but to no avail.
I am out of ideas, I do not think my gpu is dead since when it does turn on it works perfectly, as in, intense 5 hour gaming sessions on AAA titles. ( I cannot RMA it as I bought it second hand)

I have also monitored thermals while gaming and it hovers around 65-72 celsius.
My thoughts are that my psu is having difficulties and 600w is pretty low for an RTX 3080 and the rest of my hardware.
I will try my gpu on a friend's PC soon and that might help me zone in on the PSU not sending enough power to it.
If anyone has an idea on what the issue might be or what I can do, please do let me know.
Much appreciated peops !


Nov 23, 2019
Asus TUF V2 RTX 3080 is 375 watts. 75 watts PCIe slot and 2x8-pins which are 150 watts each.
Recommended PSU 850W. So yeah 600 watts is a little on the low side.

The interesting thing here is it happens with web broswing which is not full load. This can be an issue with undervolting. In games undervolting could just mean the card won't boost as high but idle the voltage for the core could drop too low. Just a guess.
Feb 3, 2023
I tried the gpu at my friend's place and it didn't turn on at all(as in same issue I had, pc turns on, gpu doesn't).
Will try doing the fastboot in BIOS and see if that does the trick
Will update soon
Feb 3, 2023
No luck with fastboot. I have been told that there might be a short in my gpu. Will bring it to a repair shop and see what they can do