Question RTX 3080 TUF fan ramps up to 3000rpm+ randomly

Oct 4, 2020
It only happens when the card is doing almost nothing eg. youtube vids or switching chrome tabs or word/python. Fans on each side ramp to 3000+ rpm (gpu-z). The card worked fine for two days when I mostly gamed. the third day I had to actually do some work when this issue came up three times. Once the fans ramp up the only way to get them to come down is to get the card above 50 celcius (Figuring this out took longer that I'm ready to admit). I tried everything before figuring about 50c thing, such as full shut down, reinstalling windows, tried different bios versions for my B550-F gaming wifi, switching from performance to quiet mode with the button directly on card, clearing cmos, reinstalling the card checking that it's correctly seated in the PCI-e slot trying every possible program to get the fans down AND NOTHING helped.

The max temp I saw was 67c at maxed out metro exodus 1440p so the card is not overheating. When fans were randomly ramping up the card was at 35-45 and after the fan ramp up the card was at 25c-35c

This card has the option to turn off all the fans when bellow 50c I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Also all three times so far that the fans ramped up the middle fan was not spinning only the side ones. What bothers me the most that taking the card out of the system and placing it back in didn't help, even in the bios the fans were going crazy. The fans went to max the second I pressed the power buttom, But as I said when I got the card above 50c the fans went back to normal. When it happened the third time I fixed it in about 20sec by running ASUS furmark rog edition 1440p benchmark to heat up the card. This is the only fix I have so far.


All help is welcome I don't really want to rma the card because I was lucky AF getting it in the first place.

Just happened again as I was making the post:

GPU-Z pic: View:
You can see the fans ramp up and when the gpu load goes up I ran the furmark bench and after a while this time at 60c the fans* went down again.

sensor log (if anyone wants to see this you will probably have to download the txt file):
Jun 16, 2020
Did you ever find out what was going on? I had a similar issue happen but only once and stopped once I left COD. I wasn't sure if it was the CPU cooler or the case fans but I was sure it was the 3080. Sounds exactly like the random time it happened to u