Question RTX 3080 with 750 watt

Mar 6, 2021

I wanted to upgrade my rtx 2060 to the rtx 3080. Now, i was worried if my 750 watt 80+ gold is enough to run it with my ryzen 7 3700x.
(Maybe i'll upgrade it later not sure.) Should i be worried? and wich rtx 3080 should i take then?
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060
WATT: Corsair rm750x
MBD: Asrock X570 Steel Legend
RAM: Corsair CMW16GX4M2Z3600C18 2x8GB
I’m running a Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC with a 3700x on a Seasonic 650w Prime Ultra with zero issues. NVidia’s 750w recommendation is for when running a 10900k, a cpu that can take 120+ watts more than a 3700x. Your 750w is plenty.
Adequate. maybe. I have a 3080 and this card is massive, and very power hungry. I personally wouldn't run it on anything less than a solid 850W. I replaced my PSU with a Corsair HX850i for this card.
I’m all for extra headroom but my findings are a 650w will happily run my setup of a 3700x and 3080.

My average load under gaming is about 450w and under stress testing I saw it peak around 550w. That falls inline with this review

NVidia’s own recommendation is 750w when running a 10900k and they even acknowledge lower may be ok on other setups. A top quality 750w is plenty for this setup.


Depends on the card, depends on the rest of the pc, depends on what you do with it.

A 3700x isn't power hungry, even with OC you'll only be hitting @ 150w ish at best (worst) and 100w ish for the rest of the pc, rgb, fans etc. A 650w is plenty for a stock 3080, you've got 400w ish to play with. That said, not all 3080's are created equal, there's a sizable difference between an Evga Black at stock and an FTW3 that's had power limits stretched with X1 or Afterburner.

You need to pay to play, one way or another. 650w might be considered a minimum for most setups, it'll do even if it creates a higher % load in the psu, but if you plan on tinkering or maximizing potential with Boss cards, while still keeping psu loads closer to optimum outputs, a 850w will be the most you'll need. 750w being a good balance of both.