Question RTX 4070 or RX 7800 XT for running Stable Diffusion ?

Sep 30, 2023
Hi all,

I'm planning on buying a new pc. I am going to run Windows 11.

I've decided on everything apart from the gpu.

So I'm aiming for a Stable Diffusion (Automatic 1111)/ Gaming PC and I'm doubting between the RTX 4070 vs rx 7800 xt. Stable Diffusion is a bigger priority for me.

I know the 4070 is faster in image generation and in general a better option for Stable Diffusion, but now with SDXL, lora / model / embedding creation and also several movie options like mov2mov and others, it made me doubt. Mostly because of the vram. The 4070 has 12 and 7800 has 16.

So which one is the best option for me considering I am not only aming for image generation.

Any advice is welcome!
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