Question RTX 4090 Owner's thread

Apr 23, 2023
Hello everyone
I'm using the RTX 4090, 8k, and I'm pretty happy with the performance
I do play only flight simulators and Sim Racing
Everything is fine, but when I play Assetto Corsa, the RPM reaches 2000 very fast and the fans are getting very loud - annoying
Tried to reduce the AC settings but no go
Is there a way to limit the RPM with the Gigabyte Control Center Software ?
Could anyone help me, please ?
Here is a printscreen with some details, when the fans are starting to be loud
Thank you

Deleted member 2731765

What are your full PC specs, including the brand/model of your PSU ?

I don't use the Gigabyte control software, but have you gone through this FAQ ? They have outlined some steps on how to control the RPM of the fan, and I presume this is for the GPU.


Deleted member 2838871

I use a Gigabyte Aero 4090 but I haven't touched any settings. Don't see a need when the card is peaking at 60-70C under full load and is super quiet.

I am thinking about OCing the card a bit though so will definitely check this out. Thanks for the link.