Discussion RTX 4090 thermal solutions have got me worried

I've now seen three different AIB manufacturer's (leaked) thermal solutions for the upcoming RTX 4090 - and I'm generally worried for anyone purchasing these behemoths. The super large fin stack, vapor chamber, and triple fan designs are now pushing the thermal solution to 3-4 slots deep! That's a Hell of a lot of weight for standing desktop cases where the GPU will be constantly bending downward and flexing the PCB due to gravity.

Although GPU slot designs for more expensive motherboards have gotten better, I still wouldn't make my case and slot hold that much weight for years on end. You also run the real risk of GPU PCB flex causing some contact surface movement of the cooling solution TIM against cores, memory, and VRMs, exacerbating the potential for cooling issues.

If you do get the RTX 4090, do yourself a favor and get a GPU support bracket as well. (y)
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If you do get the RTX 4090, do yourself a favor and get a GPU support bracket as well. (y)

Another option would be using a PC case that is flat on the table. Aka the factory-style (like old timers were), rather than the tower-style most PCs are nowadays.

Also, it would be interesting when MoBos come with backplate as well, just to cope with all the weight on PCB.
We already have big boy CPU coolers, flexing the MoBo (e.g NH-D15). Now, with 4 slot GPUs as well, MoBo backplate is staring to look quite a realistic option. :unsure:
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With the asking price AIO should come as standard with gpu like 4090. Fury X cost $650 back in 2015 and it comes with AIO for reference design. We need new case form factor as well that can house both cpu and gpu that use AIO at the same time. or make new AIO that can be use for both cpu and gpu. Just make a standard "AIO socket" on gpu water block.