Question RTX 5600 XT Crashing, rebooting with integrated graphics.

Nov 11, 2021
Hey guys,
I've recently swapped my GPU from an Rx 570 to an Rx 5600 XT, my system will post and I can get into bios but within a minute or two of booting into windows I get a black screen and my system reboots on integrated graphics(the motherboard gives me 1 long and 2 short beeps while rebooting, which on my MOBO is a VGA error I believe).
I've tried reinstalling the graphics drivers using DDU, and I took it to a shop and they tried booting with a clean install and got the same problem. The GPU worked fine in their test bench so they recommended I get a different motherboard. This is where I get confused. I got another motherboard, I switched from an Asus Prime B550M-A wifi to an MPG X570 gaming edge wifi, and I'm still getting the same problem. I bought both of these components second-hand (I know terrible ideal) from the same person, so I know that the GPU and MOBO have worked together in the past. My Rx 570 works fine with both boards, but as soon as I switch to the Rx 5600 it starts acting up again.

My Setup.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G
GPU Rx 5600 xt
MOBO: MPG X570 gaming edge wifi (swapped from Asus Prime B550M-A)
Ram: 2x Hyper X predator 2400 DDR4 8GB (I've also tried with 2 8GB sticks of Corsair Vengeance Pro)
PSU: Corsair RM 750x

What I've tried.
Clean Driver Install using DDU
Latest Chipset and BIOS
Checked for faulty ram
Clean windows install (I didn't do this personally but a computer shop did and received the same error)
Checked all my connections
Verified my PSU was working (The shop checked this for me)
Tried various other fixes that had worked with other people with Rx 5600 xts, set my PCIe from auto to gen 3 in bios, lowered ram speed, lowered the tuning and voltage using the AMD software(I can't reliably open the AMD software I just got lucky that time).

This is verbatim the notes the shop gave me, sorry this post is getting long.

"System was losing display on startup. Bios splash screen was visible and accessible.
System was posting but would only display reliably in safe mode. This indicated a software issue at first.
Created a fresh windows bootable with another drive and booted using that.
The issue seemed to be resolved until I installed graphics drivers and the problem resurfaced.
Thinking the drivers could be the issue I used DDU to fully clean drivers. Issue persisted.
Plugged in GPU into my workstation and was able to install drivers and run multiple stress tests without a single issue.
Attempted full bios reset and this got the GPU working and was able to stress test and run multiple games without issue.
The next morning the original problem resurfaced without clear cause.
Tried shop PSU problem persisted.
Narrowed down to customers motherboard, must be a specific interation between mobo and the GPu that does not agree with one another.
Would advise customers returns new GPU until he is able to upgrade/replace his motherboard."

I'm going to try today to get it stable and if not take it back to the shop with the new mobo and see if they can help me.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

When you swapped the motherboard, did you reinstall the OS? If not, you're advised to reinstall the OS. As of now, with the issue, can you boot into Safe Mode? While here, check to see what your OS version(not edition) is. Mind sharing where your sourced the installer for your OS? As for your motherboard, what BIOS version are you on(for both of them)?

I bought both of these components second-hand (I know terrible ideal) from the same person,
Quite likely the source of the issue.

What's the age of the Corsair PSU in the build? Second hand as well?
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Nov 11, 2021
I did not reinstall my OS . I m running Windows 10 version 21H1, and on the MSi motherboard Bios version E7C37AM5.1F0, which I downloaded from the MSI support page for this motherboard. I'm not sure how to check the ASUS bios version without rebuilding my pc with that mobo. I just tried to boot into safe mode, both with the GPU and integrated graphics, and could not manage to, my computer seems to not be restarting/shutting off correctly now, so when I tried to restart in safe mode nothing happened. My os is from a Dell Inspiron Tower that I swapped the motherboard and case for, which thinking about it I'm sure that's causing issues. I bought the PSU 20 days ago from Newegg. I'll start with a fresh windows install and see what that changes.