Question Rtx3050 same price and performance as as 2016 gtx1070?

exactly. why would even bother if a new card is same on par with old gpu? aren't that supposed to happen? if the performance is far more better then previous high end gpu, they will charge premium for it, and there it'll start "why the price jacked up for 50 series?" while actually 50 series is more towards budget. even my 1050 is better than a 760 and even on par with 770 which is no surprise since it's 2 generation apart, same like 10 series to 30 series which is 2 generation apart.

Cpt Snake

Jan 20, 2022
5 years and we are back to original gtx1070 relaunch??
REALLY? Geez, I was here to look for the latest GPU. I guess I already have it. Doh!
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5 years and we are back to original gtx1070 relaunch??
Except this is a 50-tier card, not a 70-tier one. The same performance becoming available roughly one tier lower on the next generation is how it has almost always been.

What is different is that price points for each tier have moved up by absurd amounts over the last year largely due to on-going industry-wide component shortages that will likely persist until mid-2023 despite many manufacturers' assurances that shortages should ease up around Q3 2022.


5 years and we are back to original gtx1070 relaunch??
Except for a couple of things.

  1. 1070 is either at or nearing the end of updated driver support.
  2. The 3050 has significantly updated API support for modern games. This is an RTX card not a GTX.

Mainstream cards exist as a value proposition not a performance leader. Comments like this drive me crazy because noobs that read these threads start to think that if they get a 1070 off ebay that it is the same as the 3050 just because of the flops count.


There is also the matter of the GA106 RTX3050 specs being within the capabilities of GA107, so the current crop of GA106 models may just be placeholders until Nvidia gets around to silently launching GA107(S) variants.
Depending on chosen card clock and cooling system design the GA106 has a little bit more of everything than the GA107 with a lower TDP. So IMO it makes a great paring to a lower end flagship series model.