Question RTX3070 Super 16gb vs RTX3080 10gb

Oct 9, 2020
Triples at 1440p, iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizone, Project Cars 2

I was planning to go an RTX3080 when stocks becomes available but should I consider an RTX3070 Super 16gb instead?

Is vram as or more important than GPU grunt?
Vram is only important if you run out of it.

I'll give an example

You play iRacing.
It uses 6gigs of Vram.
Vram on both cards is not saturated. In this case the 3080 10 gig will have more fps.

But! say iRacing takes 11gigs of ram.
The 3080 10 gig will come to a screeching halt, maybe even crash.
While the 3070 16gig will continue to play the game at normal 3070 fps.

Here's the catch though, unless you have specific workflows that need it, Games don't use more than around 8 gigs of ram for 4k high detail textures.
8k has started breaking that 10gig barrier, but you are running 1440p, so that a non issue.

Quick question though, by triples, do you mean you use more than 1 monitor?
If your games run with 3 monitors, that takes quite a bit of Vram, and you should check how much it uses.