Question rubbish connection only on pc


Dec 9, 2021
sky router connected to;

Windows 10 pro 10.0.19044
gtx970 750w psu i7 -3770k 120gb ssd (OS only) 320gb hdd

bought this pc about 6 months ago, it has always been slow connecting into online games, but always really fast with webpages. i lived in shared accommodation so i thought it was just that.

today i moved into my own place but I'm still having the same problem? in my last place there were 14 people with multiple devices linked to the internet, at my new place its like 3 devices.

for example in games like tarkov and csgo I'm always the last one to join the game even though i do a speed test at 40down and 18 up, all my drivers and bios are up to date, my dongle is saying its going at 5ghz so i dont know whatelse to try? any help at all is welcomed
Since the issue seems only affected in games, I'd had a look if those games affected use servers that are less than optimal and see if that is possible to change.

Does this affect all games or just a few or one ?

What results do you get from e.g. ?
Can you try a ethernet cable and see if it does the same thing.

In general wifi is not a optimum method to play games on. Games do not tolerate the random latency you get on wifi as well as other application. Still the more common symptom is not what you are describing. The problem tends to be random lag in online games.