Question Run external monitor on surface tablet that is shared with another PC and share mouse and keyboard


Nov 27, 2019
My brother's wife is being told she has to work from home part time. They are a legal firm and have no technical expertise.
They have given her a surface tablet. it has a USB-C connector on the side and not much else.

She currently has a desktop PC which she uses for personal stuff.

She has a tiny desk at home and doesn't want to have two keyboards and mice.

VLA have told her she has to have two monitors.

So she wants to be able to use the desktop at the same time as the tablet, with the monitor connected to both the desktop and surface at the same time, with one wireless keyboard and mouse.

Obviously that scenario is impossible - The desktop monitor can only be displaying the desktop or the surface at any one time.

They told her to buy an ATEN CS692. Of course, the retailer is giving her grief about a refund, but that's another can of worms.

It doesn't work for this scenario. It doesn't detect the dongle for the wireless keyboard/mouse, and since the surface only has one port on the side, how does she connect 3 external devices to it?

We tried a USB hub, and even took a wired keyboard and mouse from another PC, but that didn't work either.

We also connected the desktop to the DP port on the monitor and the surface to the HDMI port, but she hasn't been able to cope with changing the input source as the switch is a tiny lever switch on the back and it just drives her insane... But even when she can figure that out, she still can't get the keyboard and mouse working, even with the CS692 KWM.

Is this even possible or are we wasting our time?