Question Run programs from external HD

Jun 30, 2019
4 years ago I installed an SSD in my HP Pavilion laptop. Core i5. Made it like brand new. Process is not starting to show signs of wearing out. Have just bought an HP Envy x360. I have pulled the SSD from the Pavilion and installed it into a case and connected it to the Envy. All files show up. I have a lot of software on that drive (512GB) and don't have room on the 256 GB drive on the new PC. Can I run my software directly from the external connection and if so, how? It is my understanding that there is an empty slot inside the Envy that I can install the SATA SSD into. If I can't run programs externally, can in install it into the internal slot, if there is one, and run from there? Thank you in advance for your time concerning this matter.