Runescape tips



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I am an avid gamer and play RuneScape among many other games such as
GTA: San Andreas, and UT2K4. I run an up-and-coming gaming community
at where any gamer can go to discuss PC, XBox,
PS2, and RuneScape gaming with others interested in the same thing.
Anyone can join and there are not as many rules as other board
communities so feel free to join us! Regarding RuneScape, this
community is home of the RuneScape Mafia, a clan type group that is all
about helping its members out with advancing in the game, the
occasional "PK" trips to the wilderness, and sometimes free stuff from
the Head Don of the group. It is a fun group of people and there is a
lot of experience amongst the members. If you like RuneScape or just
plain gaming in general, join us at See you