Running Core Temp continuously. Ok or Bad?


May 18, 2012
I have a CPU meter on my Windows 7 operating system, shows the load on each core of my Intel i5 3570K

I also downloaded Core Temp, it works well, however I'm wondering if its a good idea to continuously run a CPU meter and Core Temperature programs? Some might be laughing, but I'm a beginner so please take it easy :p

I always assumed the computer keeps tracking the core temp as to shut down in case the cores get too hot?

But does running it slow down the CPU from doing other things or can it damage it in any way?

No problems there, the Cpu usage from coretemp is teensy,
The Pc does monitor itself, but sometimes you want to know whats going on :)
I run coretemp on the toolbar, the windows Cpu meter, hardware monitor, Cpu-Z and two instances of Gpu-z at all times and it doesn't slow me down,
you'll be fine as long as your temps are good :)