Question Running linux live on USB flash drive, flash drive became hot and causing kernel panic

Mar 17, 2019
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I am helping my family member to backup the files from unbootable internal HDD installed inside his laptop, to another USB external HDD.

Since his laptop internal HDD is not bootable, I can't boot any operating system installed inside. I have a USB 3.0 flash drive ( ) with Ubuntu 18.04.1 live installed inside.

I plugged the USB flash drive (with Ubuntu 18.04.1 live) into my family member's laptop, the boot from it, success. Then, I plug another USB external HDD into another USB port, and start copying files from internal HDD to the external HDD.

After some period of times, the backup process haven't complete, but the USB flash drive (with Ubuntu live) became very hot. Then, the system showing error like "kernel panic". Kernel panic is something like Windows's BSOD. The LED on the USB external HDD stopped blinking and became stable, this mean the file transfer stopped. I pressed some magic sysrq keys ( ) to reboot, and then shutdown the laptop.

After that, I stopped using my flash drive to run Ubuntu live. I burnt the Ubuntu live ISO image into a DVD disc. I inserted the Ubuntu disc into my family member's laptop, boot ubuntu live from it. Then, I start the process of backing up the files from internal HDD into external HDD. The backup was succeed.

Since DVD speed is slow, I would like to avoid using DVD to run live linux.

Now, the question is, what can I do to prevent the same thing from happening again? Any advices?