Question Running two displays from a Thunderbolt 4 dock from a DP output ?

Oct 11, 2021
I want to run dual QHD displays, which each have just a single DP in port from the single DP port on my GPU. Since these displays don't have DP out ports, traditional daisy chaining is not possible. Also, my MB does not have a Thunderbolt port.

I'm wanting to use a Thunderbolt 4 docking station (from Razer or HP) to run the displays. But I'm not sure if this is possible. Could I connect the dock to the GPU with a USB-C to DP cable and then output to the monitors? Or does the dock require a Thunderbolt port or no deal?

I also see there are some splitters that can take a single DP output and split it in two. Would this also be a feasible solution? Or would there be a bandwidth cap or something of the like?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.