Oct 10, 2011
received following message just before blue screen and computer shut down: Runtime Error!
Program: C:/Window/system32/nvvsvc.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusal way.
as you know from googling it, nvvsvc.exe is an nvidia program.

"nvvsvc.exe is Vista service installed NVIDIA drivers for graphics cards (or graphics cards based on an NVIDIA chipset). This service is used by some of the specific advanced features of your NVidia graphics card, in particular overclocking, overriding of the refresh rate for OpenGL games, and dual monitor display"

Suggest you uninstall your current nvidia video driver and reinstall. Maybe that will correct a file that corrupted.

When that doesn't work fall back to a prior level of nvidia video driver. There are several prior drivers on the nVidia site just so people can try them when they hit problems with the most current version.

(If you do not have an nVidia video card, then you may not have cleaned out your old video driver properly when switching cards.)

If the error only happens on a particular game then also search that games forum for signs other people have this problem and look for a patch for the game. Sometimes games can pass corrupt parameters to the video driver that cause it problems.