Rural Indian Vocational Training Institute - need Internet & Mobile coverage

Raj Andagare

Aug 31, 2013
we are in a process of setting up a vocational training institute in a remote part of South India.
Its an non profit organisation (in processes of setting up)
We are looking at setting up Broadband internet and Mobile 3g network for this remote part and connect to the rest of the world. Local Tel-co company's are not interested in investing. so, this led us to look for private network setup. The nearest town is about 17km (by road), with Broadband network and 3g mobile coverage are available. The terrain in between this town is boulders, hills and tree's.

Can you please advise us on how to go about;
1. Getting a high speed WIFI broadband coverage for 10-15 computers
2. 5-10 mobile phone (3g) coverage
Thank you in advance

If your goal is to provide these services to a building then it is fairly straight forward. You first must get internet. The best would be to extend it by fiber but that is not likely possible. You only other option is point to point microwave. There are many solutions but all involve directional antenna. You can get normal wireless outdoor bridges but you are very close the maximum distance limit for unlicensed equipment. It may be better to get a government license and use licensed frequencies. The largest problem will be to go that distance you must be up from the ground quite a bit. It is a fairly complex calculation related to atmospheric refraction and what is called fresnel zone. A large water tower or cell tower is your best bet to not have erect your own.

So once you get the internet then the wireless is your normal 802.11 soltuions. The 3g coverage you are going to need what is called a microcell. These look like little routers. These in effect extend the cell providers network by tunneling it over your internet connection. You will have to get these from a cell provider since they are licensed devices. Many times they provide them for next to nothing because they still charge you for voice and data on the cell phones even though they are using your network to provide it.

Now if you are talking providing cell and wifi for a number of homes in a area then you need to first check with the government. You for sure cannot transmit cell phone signals outside your building without a license the WiFI will likely require a lot of devices placed on locations you do not own so you would need permits for those.
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