Question Rust fps drops. Lagging. High-end pc. (I think its hardware)

Jun 14, 2022
Hello guys!

I just registered at this forum because this problem is driving me absolutely crazy !!!

I know that rust is notoriously know for bad performance, but this is different.

The game was running perfectly when the computer was new, but it has gotten worse and worse until its unbearable to play the game.
Its lagging, and I have some out of this world fps drops.

The fps gets low and the game is lagging.
But on task manager the gpu never goes above 40%????

About one year ago I tried some software to mine cryptocurrency on the computer.
And I think the gpu might have gotten over heated and broken because of the overclocking or something.
I did reset the bios to recommended settings though...

I have tried to reset windows and everything maybe 30 times, but its still the same problem.......

This is my specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz

32,0 GB Ram

RTX 3090 graphic card.

I dont know anything about hardware.
So I was wondering if one of you guys who is really good at this could connect to my pc with team viewer, and try to see what the problem is?

I would really appreciate some help :))

Sincerely Lavrans
Jun 14, 2022
brand and model of the psu>
how full is the ssd?
cpu/gpu temp and usage during the game?
Hello mate!
I’m not so good with hardware.
But this is my computer:

it’s in Norwegian, but just press “spesifikasjoner», and you will see all specs.

The cpu and gpu is never maxing.

But sometimes the fans go absolutely bonkers.
Sometimes the computer sounds like a vacum cleaner, when the only thing I’m doing is playing a game,

Thank you for the help :)



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