RX 480 Nitro+ 8GB | No longer detected by monitor

Feb 8, 2019
A bit of a background on this, I've been having the card for nearly 3 years now. This problem happened 3 days ago during playing APEX. The screen just turned black, the computer hung and when restarted, the Graphic card was no longer detected.

To be more specific. It happened an hour after upgrading the driver to [Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.1 Optional]

It doesn't seem to be a power issues as the fans are spinning normally, and the neon on the side is lit.


- Tested the rest of the PC component, everything is running fine when switched to the built in card

- Put the card in different PCI on the same mobo --> Not working

- Tried it in a different PC, Different mobo --> Not working

- mobo is up tp date | No updates available

- During previous attempts i've been using DVI

- Had no chance trying HDMI | no HDMI display available for now

Appreciate your advise.
Well you can try to see if it gets recognized from dos, if you have still stickers onto it, you can read out bios version, go to techpowerub GPU bios database and find the exact same bios and try to reflash it.

Or if its still under warranty you can try to RMA the card.