RX 480 w/ 1080p 144Hz Freesync Monitor or GTX 1070 w/ 1080p 60Hz Monitor


Mar 12, 2017
So I need some help deciding between these 2 options which would cost me roughly the same amount:

Option 1: Get an RX 480 8GB with a new 1080p 144Hz Freesync Monitor

Option 2: Get a GTX 1070 instead and continue using my old 1080p 60Hz Monitor

I'm leaning towards option 1 as I really value having smooth gameplay, especially with first person shooters but also just in general. I get that I wouldn't be able to crank up the graphics as much with option 1 but I think between the 144Hz refresh and freesync everything would be much smoother vs dealing with screen tearing, stuttering, or vsync lag with the 1070 on my 1080p 60Hz monitor. I really value steady FPS over running everything maxed out.

If I go with option 2 there's a potential I might get a new 1080p 144Hz monitor later down the line which would mostly eliminate the screen tearing, stuttering, or vsync lag I would have with a 60Hz refresh. That would be a stretch though as there's other components that would be a higher priority. Don’t have much interest in 1440p and g-sync is way too expensive.

I curious to see any thoughts or something I might be missing.
Option one? but you probably need to look at reviews more before deciding which Freesync monitors you want to use. the thing with freesync is AMD did not have control over many monitor maker out there over freesync implementation. this actually leads to one problem might be solve in some monitors (via driver updates) and some not. AMD actually aware this is becoming one of their issues right now so with Freesync 2 AMD intend to put more strict control to ensure better quality but AMD also intend to pass this "extra effort" cost from AMD to customer.


Aug 20, 2016
1070 and 1080p 60hz is way overkill and vice versa 480 with 1080p 144hz is not really enough for a constant 100+ fps. I think option one is better though, you should pull 60+ on most AAA games right now so it'll feel smoother than option 2.

The sweet spot at 1080p 144hz is the 1070 and even 1080 in some cases (bf1 would need a 1080 to pull 120+ constant fps)

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