RX 480 w/Freesync VS. GTX 1070 (144Hz 1080p)

If you had a 144Hz 1080p Freesync monitor would you rather use an RX 480 or a GTX 1070?

I have both GPUs and want to get the monitor described, but I do not plan on spending more than $250 on a monitor and if I sell a GPU I will not spend the extra money on a more expensive monitor. It has to go in my savings.


freesync only works with amd gpus, there is no choice there, or you use the amd gpu with freesync monitor or you buy a monitor with gsync for the 1070

since you already have the gpus, the freesync monitors are cheaper, lg has some very nice but other brands have great models too

the situation here is that the 1070 is faster than the rx480, and the rx480 can be sold at a high price because criptocurrency mining likes alot that rx480, you could get 400 dollars for that gpu depending on the country you are


Dec 31, 2007
I would keep the GTX 1070 and get rid of the 480 as the 1070 is more powerful. The only issue is that Freesync is AMD only as atljsf stated, but I think that the horsepower difference between the 480 and 1070 it would not be wise to keep the 480. I run a GTX 980ti with a Freesync monitor so I can't use Freesync, but I don't have any issues with games either and the 1070 and 980ti are very similar horsepower wise.
i think it depends on what you want? Freesync most benefit coming from low FPS. that's why people with Gsync monitors if the said game have very high frame rate they will disable Gsync and will enable ULMB instead. other benefit of Freesync and Gsync is less input lag vs v-sync. although if you want the most minimal input lag disabling gsync/freesync or v-sync altogether is still the best option.

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