Question RX 550 2GB not displaying image with adapter

Jan 4, 2022

I bought an RX 550 2GB Powercolor bulk format (with no box), I installed everything but the GPU doesn't work with an VGA to HDMI active adapter, it only shows image if you enter to UEFI or the brand of your motherboard when you boot, but when windows boot it stops showing image

The adapter works very well, I used it with another computers and GPUs with no problem, but here it doesn't show image, also the vendor told me that the GPU wont work with adapters, very strange, I never heard that but I bought it anyway

I'm using it with an HDMI native TV and it works well, normal for an RX 550, also I put the resolution in 800x600 with the TV and then connected with the adapter to the GPU, still no showing image

Is there aby solution? Why this happens? As I told the adapter is not broken and it works with another devices