Oct 3, 2023
I have got dell 9020 sff . Im planning to buy. Powercolor AMD Radeon Rx 550 Red Dragon Low Profile Single Fan 4Gb Gddr5 Pcie 3.0 Graphics Card it has a 255 Watt PSU. Does it Works without any issues?rx 550 gpu
the OEM power supply usually does not offer proper power connections.
and the majority of these old RX 550 cards require at least 300w, some up to 400w.

upgrading to a retail power supply is also usually not possible due to case size,
OEM motherboard connections,
and other restrictions.

these OEM prebuilt systems do not usually fit retail components.
and usually have terrible airflow so heat can be a big issue using them.
you would probably be much better off starting from scratch and building a real system rather than continuing with this thing.

and just a question,
do you have some problem with your vision that you need to use ridiculous oversized fonts?

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Apr 13, 2023
I have experienced these same problems when I was trying to upgrade an old HP workstation (i5-6500 and RX 550) I couldn't replace the PSU because it was proprietary. The RX 550 is a 50W card so as long as the PSU can provide enough power to the PCIE slot it should be fine.