Question RX 5600 XT crashing ?

Apr 6, 2021
So about a month ago I had a PC built for me by a shop in my area. Everything was running fine until I started gaming where I experienced these "1-time" crashes whenever I started playing games. How the crashes go is that all these pixels suddenly appear around my screen then my game crashes (Note: Only the game/app crashes, not the PC itself). The game will usually run fine for the first 30 seconds to 1 minute then crashes...then when I restart the game it will run fine. It's odd because it only does this at the first launch and not the 2nd or 3rd launch like it needs to get the crash out the way so I can start playing.

I tried talking to the PC shop and they tried to help me troubleshoot and find the error but to no avail. I'm considering returning to the shop and having it properly diagnosed by them since I'm still under warranty for all my parts anyways. Before I do I wanted to come over here and ask you guys what you think the problem is?

Here are the things I've already tried doing:
  • Installing the Recommended AMD Drivers and when it still crashed updating to the most recent drivers which were tagged as "Optional"
  • Doing a fresh install of Windows 10 which I thought solved the problem since it didn't crash the first 2 days then proceeded to return to normal
  • Playing around with the AMD Radeon "Graphics Tab" in the app
Here are my full specs:
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT Gaming X
  • AMD Gigabyte B450 Aorus M
  • T-Force Delta 16 GB (2X8) DDR4 3600 MHZ
  • WD Blue 1 TB HDD
  • WD Blue 500 GB SN550 NVMe SSD
  • FSP Hyper K 500W 80+
  • darkFlash DR12 Pro 3-in-1 RGB Fans
  • darkFlash DLM 23 ATX Mid Tower
I really hope you guys can help me as this was a big investment in my part. Thank you so much in advance!