Question RX 570 8GB Fan short cycle, no display

Apr 16, 2019
Good evening! Noob builder here and just built my first PC from the ground up in quite some time. Here's the hardware that I have:

EVGA 650BQ Bronze 650w PSU
Gigabyte B450M DS3H Mobo
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU
2 sticks of 8 GB Ram
SSD w/ Windows 10 64 bit

So, I have an old GeForce GTX1050 from my old PC that I used to get everything started and make sure I put it all together right, and the system started like a charm. Once I had the OS installed and was confident I didn't fuck anything up, I turned off the PC and installed my shiny new RX 570 8 GB. I placed the new GPU into the slot and plugged in the 8 pin connector PCIE power, and restarted. The RX's fans ran for a few seconds (maybe 4 or 5?) then shut off, and I have no signal to my monitor (over HDMI). I switched back to the GF1050 and restarted, and again, no issues. Switched back to the RX and no joy. Did this several times trying different things. I left it sitting for a few minutes while I used my phone to do some searching, and when I went to switch them back out (so I could use my PC and make this post), I noticed that the RX was pretty warm to the touch, making me think that even if the video output was bad, surely the fans would have come on.

I've checked the BIOS, it's updated as of January of this year, and the RX570 isn't that new of a card, so I don't think that is the issue. I removed one and both RAM sticks, with no change. I'm at a loss and am hoping you fine gents can help me. I called ASR tech support and he told me to check the BIOS, but that was it.

Any info you can provide towards troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated!


Most modern cards have semi-passive fan operation. Meaning the fans don't spin until the GPU exceeds ~55C. So, that's normal.

The no display is a little odd. You're plugging the HDMI cable into the GPU and not the mobo? (obviously you did this with the GTX1050, but just checking) Can you try any other input types? Both cards aren't installed at the same time, right?
Apr 16, 2019
Correct, the mobo doesn't have on board graffics (though it does have an HDMI and DVI-D port, which I thought odd), so I'm plugging straight into the GPU. I don't have any other display cords, but can certainly go pick one up, my monitor also supports VGA (LG 24MP59HT). Both cards are not installed at the same time (not enough room).


Jan 25, 2008
I have an RX 570 8GB (MSI) and as I write this my GPU fans are at 0 RPM.

Which PCIE slot are you using? There's two, but only one on that motherboard is an x16, 3.0 slot. I would suspect that the card should post in either though. You could experiment and see if the unused slot gives you a different result.