Question RX 570 coil whine?

Mar 6, 2019
My specs
Mobo - B350M Gaming Pro MSI
CPU - AMD Ryzen 3 2200g
RAM - 2x4 2400mhz corsair
PSU - 500w evga white
GPU - Asus Rog RX 570 4gb OC
HDD - 2x 1tb WD blue

Less than a month ago I upgraded from a r7 240 to an rx 570 for gaming purposes. I mainly play pubg, minecraft, warframe, and use adobe products such as photoshop, after effects, premiere.
When I bought the card it was brand new from newegg, after about a week or so I started hearing a very loud high pitched scratching noise, that mainly went off while I was loading into a game, or using after effects, and recently also started going off out of nowhere, getting slowly louder, then coming back down and turning silent again.
I thought it was my psu at first since my old 400w psu had that coil whine, but it was a very high pitched whine, which I knew was definitely coil whine coming from the psu. But after a while I noticed every time my gpu usage went over 80% a loud scratching noise was heard, and it is not the fans since my fans do not go off unless the card is over 52c.
The card is stated to need a minimum of 500w psu to run fine, but since I have all the usb slots powering a peripheral, I wonder if it could be the graphics card demanding more power its not getting.
Would the problem be fixed if I upgrade my power supply to something over 600w?
Or would the noise still be present.
Well , there are 2 factors.
PSU voltage rails fluctuate a lot "Doing a sine wave" and could potentially do the coil whine.
Other might be that the coil isnt secured well from factory and its making buzzing noise.

My old RX 480 was doing that and i hot glued it and it kinda fixed, and if you wonder , yes the coil was opened and not sealed withnin its box.

You might try to do RMA if you can do it.