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Question RX 570 Error 43


Jun 23, 2019
Hello, I got a used RX 570 4GB strix card, I have one problem though, basically when I installed it, I noticed that I didn't get any signal, I then connected the monitor to the integrated graphics, and installed the latest drivers, but even after restart still no signal from the GPU, however I noticed in the device manager, that the card is detected, however there is an error, (Error 43), I have found the fix for it (ATI Clock Patcher), however the problem I have is that signal only shows up when windows is booted in the lock screen, and it seems I cannot get into the BIOS because of that issue, and I'm worried that when I'm gonna get new parts like a new CPU+Mobo+RAM, etc, (thinking of getting Ryzen, but it doesn't have IGPU, and I won't be able to go to the BIOS, and well dunno how to install windows then, other than getting another GPU) is there any solution that I can fix it without the ATI Clock Patcher? I have checked GPU-Z and it seems there is no mining BIOS or anything installed, although I could be wrong, so I'll send a GPU-Z link below, if you want to check it out.

Yes, I have done a DDU in safe mode, before installing it, but I'm thinking of trying it again, because before it, I have installed a broken card, that was not detected at all and not working at all, and have not done it before installing that rx 570.

If u have any other solutions, then let me know

i5 2310
8GB DDR3 1066Mhz
ASRock H61M-VS (latest BIOS installed)
RX 570 4GB Strix
SilentiumPC Vero L2 500W 80+ Bronze PSU
Windows 10 Version 1909

GPU-Z link: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/e2pyb

(Sorry for the bad English, not my first language)


I would return the card, it's used so unless you saw it running no way to know if it's good or not. Power supply seems good enough to run the card, not a lot of info on that model but it seems made with OK parts.