Question Rx 570 NO DISPLAY HELP


Jun 8, 2020
I just got my sapphire rx 570 8gb from my friend, he ask me to fix it, Also told me that it wont post display. now the problem is i tried every possible way possible. Btw this card came from a mining rig from 2020 i already fixed 10 pcs of this before with the same sku # and reflashed it, So this is new to me, I tried booting it with 2 bios (switch) but no display as always, but my keyboard and mouse appears to have power.

Now i tried using team viewer with the help of another pc to boot into my pc even with black screen, unfortunately the card doesn't appear in the device manager i tried booting into safe mode but still no luck.
I tried using different methods of flashing using atiflash/CMD etc. But all i get is "adapter not found error 0fl01" Because even in safe mode the card doesn't seem to appear. The card had lights on it as well means that it has power.
All is see in the display adapter in the device manager was my intel hd graphics, Even after uninstalling that, the Gpu wont still show

I badly need help cuz this is my last resort when it comes to sum pc problems that my knowledge cant fix.

this is my specs:
Asus B85m-g Mobo
Intel i7 4790
26Gb HyperX Fury Ddr3 Ram
750w Seasonic X Series Gold
Nzxt kraken x72


GPU being:

In Device Manager > View is "Show hidden devices"checked?

Have you tried all video ports and used known working video cables?

And ensured that the correct drivers are installed and properly configured?


"Btw this card came from a mining rig from 2020" .

Very likely that that GPU has been run too long and too hot. And has simply failed in some manner.

Even though the card had lights indicating power that does not mean that the card is fully functional.

Unfortunately that card may just be beyond repair.