RX 570 or GTX 1050Ti


Sure, the 570 offers double the video RAM, which is nice... and the 570 is more akin to the 1060 3GB in general performance (RAM usage aside, where the 1060 3GB can choke and let a 1050Ti 4GB beat it in a small amount of cases.)

Reality is, the 570 will beat the 1050Ti, and overall the 1060 3GB has issues beating it (at least completely). So, if the RX570 is in your budget, and you're comfortable with the cost, get it if you like a little eye candy with your 1080p graphics. If all you play is like CS:GO, you can save yourself some cash with the 1050Ti.

You'll probably get alot of answers, and many will fall along the fanboy division lines. Be prepared. (its like which is better? Coke or Pepsi?)


Mar 27, 2018

RC Cola


The 1050Ti is not the same level as the RX 570. The direct comparison would be the GTX 1060 6GB.

But it depends on what the price is where you are at. If the 1060 6GB is cheaper go for it, if the 570 is cheaper then go for it instead.
If memory serves, the RX 570 performs approximately 50% higher than a 1050 Ti at 1080p, so it's the clear winner. However, when released, the RX 570 was $180; only $30 more than the 1050 Ti's $150 street price. Now the 1050 Ti goes for closer to $200 USD, and the RX 570's price remains somewhat inflated due to the recently cryptomining era. So my question is, are you getting a good enough price on the RX 570?



550W will be enough. Just make sure you got at least one 8 pin PCI-e power connector from the PSU, most modern ones do.

Also, make sure its a good PSU. Many of the really cheap PSUs can't deliver their rated power, let alone deliver it cleanly. Why does this matter? It will eat your parts alive, or worse.



For most of average needs at 1080p, 4GB is plenty and I wouldn't settle for less. Some games will demand more. depending on how high the resolution is set, and the details/eye candy levels selected. If you can afford more than 4GB, it won't hurt anything to get the 8GB (or 6GB if a GTX-1060 falls in budget... DON'T get the 3GB version if you can help it.)

With the exception mentioned earlier about the RAM: the 1060 3GB (the gimped GPU) is stronger than the 1050Ti.
the RX570 usually surpasses the 1060 3GB, but not always.
the RX580 passes the 1060 3GB
the RX580 trades blows with the 1060 6GB.



As long as it isn't the Builder series of CX-M PSUs, you're fine. It isn't the best, but the non builder series units are at least solid for their price range. (Builder Series had/has a bad habit of failing after 3yr warranty expires. Most, if not all, should no longer be available.)