Question Rx 5700 crashing / No Signal on Display while PC still running

Oct 7, 2019
Ive recently bought a new PC,ryzen 5 3600 with 700w PSU,b450 msi tomahawk board and all that,GPU was bought 2 weeks after all these other parts,and i used the PC before the rx 5700,PC never had any problems or crashes with different GPU

but since i bought the rx 5700 im having weird crashes where the screen goes green sometimes,but ALWAYS i lose signal to display and i cant do anything,even tho the PC is still on,then i have to force shut down PC and turn it on again to be able to do anything again with it,ive cleaned GPU drivers,reinstalled it,ive pulled ram and put it back in,ive done pretty much anything,as well as switching GPU to another PC with i7 6700k and different PSU,and it still did same thing,i didnt touch wattman cos in my country if i do,im gonna lose the warranty

am i the only one having this issue,is this driver issue or GPU issue

what should i do,cos buying a new PC and having so many problems,idk what to do to fix it

Event Viewer showed this message : The previous system shutdown at 8:44:34 PM on ‎10/‎6/‎2019 was unexpected.

and its the same message always when ever it crashes


it never overheats,ive checked temps and they were always fine