Nov 30, 2022
i bought a used pc last week with an rx 5700 and ryzen 5 3600
and it started crashing from day one
i had so much crashes in games and even in light ones with an fps lock and sound problems too
random black screens/stuttering/crashes/BSOD
some of those problems were because of the ram docp profile in bios
i updated the bios and reinstalled windows and new drivers which improved ram stability (no errors in memtest86)
i get no more BSOD and black screens and the stuttering improved a lot but crashes wouldn’t stop in almost every game (5-30min in) but everything is fine on the desktop and in benchmarks

solutions i tried :
  • reinstaling windows 10
  • bios update
  • DDU and multiple drivers
  • not using msi afterburner
  • disabling all amd features (freesync/anti-lag/chill/…)
  • disabling docp
  • undervolting/setting power sliders to max
  • underclocking
  • checking temps

cpu : ryzen 5 3600 (no oc)
gpu : rx 5700 reference
ram: 16gb (8*2) corsair vengeance rgb pro 3000 mhz
psu: 600w evga
500gb m.2 drive
500gb sata ssd
2tb hdd