Oct 17, 2020
Bought a Gigabyte 5700 xt OC Gaming GPU two months ago. Installed with no issues. Ran smoothly for those two months with no issues at all.

A week ago from posting, the display on the monitor stopped and no connection was registered. Upon booting, the motherboard (ROG STRIX B450) displays the VGA error LED. Suspecting it to be the PSU (as I had bought a £35 off brand PSU) I bought a new Corsair PSU, and after testing a friend's GPU which returned the same error on the motherboard, I received a new replacement B450 motherboard.

The VGA error light still appears after installing the new components. I notice the GPU's LEDs are on at all times - signalling power is being supplied to the GPU - and the fans on the GPU come on for 5 seconds after initial bootup, but then turn off. The B450 does not have integrated graphics, thus I am unable to check the bios version or launch in safe mode properly.

Before I contact Gigabyte for a new GPU, I want to find out what the root issue is/was to prevent this happening again. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this, or if anyone has had something similar?

Many thanks.


Mar 16, 2009
well go through the usal things,,, reseat the grpahics card ,,, make sure fans are running ,,, on the card,, if the card lights up at all if it has lighting ,,, if that all fails if you got an older card hook it up see if it boots then