Question RX 5700 XT with arctic accelero


Feb 15, 2017
hi! has anyone here done changing the RX 5700 XT reference cooler to arctic accelero? im having a hard time whether i will just return this and get refund from amazon and buy a new RTX 2060 super or should i keep this and change the cooler. >.<


Jul 1, 2016
I installed the arctic accelero xtreme iv on my rx 5700 xt. It's not very easy, it's not like installing a cpu cooler. The installation was stressful, but it was worth the payoff. Something you should realize is that you void the warranty if you do this. I recommend you watch the gamers nexus teardown video, then when you have completely removed the cooler you just follow the instructions that are included in the box. Here is the manual, you may already want to read it.

My tips:
  • When removing the stock cooler double check if ALL the screws are removed before you try to pull the cooler off. You don't want to bend the pcb trying to pull it off..
  • Use the black foam board that came with the gpu box as an underfloor to put the card on when are installing the cooler/disassembling.
  • When you take the cooler off there are 2 wires connected to the pcb, care fully remove both, don't just pull the card or they can break. Just use your finger and try to wiggle and pull at the base.
  • Make sure you clean the gpu chip with isopropyl alcohol and cotten swabs, but be careful it's a very sensitive chip, clean everything off but don't push to hard on the thing.
  • The rx 5700 xt falls in the same compatibility list as all other amd cards. Use hole 2 and the 1mm transparent washers.
  • When i was done installing i noticed that the temps were way to high, i was seeing 85C on the core, so i took the card out of my pc and tightend the four screws on the back quite a bit more. After that i was getting 60C, so make sure those four screws are tight enough. The cooler needs to make good contact with the gpu.
  • When tightening those screws go from screw to screw in a circle. You tighten each one a little bit and you go the next, you do that in a circle until they are all tightened. You do this to make sure the pressure on the card is evened out.
  • When dissembling the card, put the screws that hold the io plate (the little alluminum plate with the 4 holes you stick the hdmi and dp cables trough) in a seperate bag, you will need those later when you put the io plate back on. The other screws should be put in a separate bag.
  • Put the protective film on the stock cooler when marking the hot areas.
I marked all hot components with red, the blue boxes is where you should cut the protective film and put the blue pads. As you can see there are also some vrm's near the vram, DON'T forget those.

Here are is my result with this cooler at stock settings

I was worried about vrm temps but they are actually lower then with the stock cooler.

If you want a card that as queit as possible then you should change the fan curve, let the core temperature rise to 75 Celcius. You can get even better temps if you do some undervolting (which i have not done)

I was first getting 57C, but i forgot to put blue pads on one vrm near the vrams, so i had to remove the backplate causing the pcb to shift a bit on the cooler. After putting it back together my temp increased to 61....:confused_old:
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