Question RX 5700XT Green screen bad gpu?

Oct 11, 2019
Hello, Sorry to bother you with another RX 5700XT Post. But..... I read all the threads about it in this forum and it seems that still i have a problem...

I7 7700k
Msi b250m pro vd
Ddr4 2x8 2133mhz value select
850evo ssd
Rm550x gold
RX 5700XT
Monitor Asus VS(something don't remember) 60hz FHD

So lets begin!
First day i got the card i did clean install Windows on my Pc.After i installed the driver's (19.8.1)
Download my first game and started playing.
FPS wasn't good but it wasn't my main problem. After a few minutes Discord was becoming unresponsive and finally became a black window! This was keep happening after restarting and reinstalled. After some 1-2 hours of gaming the screen went GREEN. I could hear the discord sounds and talk but system was unresponsive and green! My screen has only dvi,vga,HDMI

After 2 green screens i switched to an active display port to vga adaptor! Smoothness was visible but the image quality was decreased noticable.
I downloaded 2 more games that was running fine (battlefield 1,Rome 2,Pubg) But then windows started to be unresponsive too! Graphics components of windows (mainly the action bar, search bar)

So i downloaded aida64 to see my temp's! Was fine (hotspot,vram,diode) all reasonable. Then i press aida stress test and the whole system was like slow motion! Last but not least i notice that my screen color's in some places were bad and shaped like noise

I just format my PC again and i am going to install 19.10 driver's but don't think will do anything...
Tommorow also i am buying a new hdmi cable 2.0 even my screen doesn't support 2.0

Could be the monitor?
Could be bad gpu?
Could be small psu?
Could be just a bad optimized card by amd?
Oct 11, 2019
I just hit another Green Screen playing untitled goose game! I mean there is no way the card needs more PSU playing this game!


Oct 9, 2019
Id say power supply my rx5700xt while gaming would shut the display down but the pc would still run during gaming and I had a 550w and got a 650w gold and these issues stopped. I think your processor/mobo is better than mine too. My 550 was a bronze not gold though and my screen only went black with cannot display message. In hindsight I would have probably gone for a 700 or 750 gold. Most gold PSU runs very high efficiency at 20% capacity so going higher than you need for like future proofing isn't a bad idea.