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Question RX 5700XT Keeps Crashing


Mar 12, 2017
Hello guys,I have an AORUS 5700XT that keeps crashing in some games like cod ow etc after playing around 40-60 min,it goes black screen an the driver settings resets.I have a custom profile in radeon software with custom fan curve,1.2V,2061 freq default.max power limit,the temps are not that high at first i tought that the temps cause the GPU crash so i made a custom fan curve while intense gaming the current temp stays around 65-75C while junction is around 90-98C my last fan point is around 95%.Any ideas for a stable clock or something to fix this issues,I found out that on this voltage and settings I get the best performance out of the card and the best score in 3D MARK 23 311 overall score.

My setup is RX 5700XT I9-9900K 750W PSU 16GB RAM 3200MHZ

Any help is apreciated!