Question RX 5700XT xfx thick ultra enlarged pixels flicker+screen tearing

Nov 22, 2020
Hello, so i've had a computer that i've built myself about a month ago. My system is : cpu amd ryzen 7 3800xt 8 core 16 threads, gpu amd rx 5700xt thick ultra 3 BY XFX, ram 64gb quad channel, each stick is 3200mhz. motherboard, pci4 x570 aorus elite ryzen ssd, 2tb gen4 superflower 1000w psu fully modular.

My display is a 4k Oled tv samsung that was bought brand new for pc. The refresh rate says 60 on the tv box but in my graphics details, it says that the maximum i can get is 75. Not sure what that means. I had obviously planned to have a different card +processor originally (rtx 3090) , but i had to postpone that until the price drops due to scalpers. there are 3 fans on the gpu itself and 5 silent wings 3 from be quiet (140mm fans, $25 each one) blasting at 100% even when the problem occurs. So on with the problem:

Everytime i play a game for a while, (20 minutes or so maybe) The screen starts to tear at first, then it starts to enlarge pixles on the upper left side of the screen and maybe even black them out too. The game runs fine in the background (by fine i mean it never drops below 40ish fps and runs smooth with 0 stutter)

Due to me hating the black-bars on the side of the screen when i take the resolution down, im forced to run every game at 4k. It does this on every game but we can use the witcher 3 for example. I run it at the lowest possible settings with fans blowing at maximum, and the case itself doesn't even get hot. Temperatures stay under 65. The problem continues even after i shut the game down in desktop, websites and ect. Until i restart pc. All drivers including GPU ones are up to date. It was my first pc build so i could have screwed the card up itself physically somehow?

This is the Hdmi cable im using:

Also this might be irrelevant but im a rare type who values Visuals over frame-rate. I rather play a 4k game at 30 or lower, rather than a lower resolution with high frame rates. It was the reasoning behind getting the tv instead of a monitor.

So to recap, Screen tearing, then flickering pixels in my left corner.

What could be my problem? Thanks in advance :)