Question RX 580 8GB PC does not turn ON

Oct 18, 2021
Hello, first of all I would like to thank anyone who will spend some of his time to try and help me :).

3 days ago I have been playing New World like any regular day and suddenly my pc turned off completely and did not turn back on. I switched the psu switch off and on and PC came back on without any problems but after 30 minutes while playing again shut down and didn't turn on and since then unfortunately it doesn't turn on anymore.

When I click on turn on button there is a blue blink from mother board and red light from the graphic card. I've tried the graphic card on another pc with another psu mother board and it stops as well the pc from turning on.

When I picked apart the graphic card it's completely clean from the inside and doesn't look burned or damaged from the inside.

I understand most likely the Graphic is done, but maybe someone with more skill would know if it has a fix or I've just lost my card forever?

Thank you all.