Question RX 580 8gb Sapphire Nitro Plus or ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5

Apr 12, 2020
Guys what rx 580 is better? I'm trying to build my first pc and ill go with a ryzen 1600AF. What rx 580 should i get, both cost the same(150 euros). Also guys i have some questions so if u could help me i would appreciate it. What motherboard should i get, i want a good one that doesnt cost too much. And for the ram does the mhz make a big difference example a 2400mhz and a 3600mhz? I found a hyperx fury 16gb(2x8) and has 3600mhz it costs 107 euros. Any help would be very much appreciated, and also sorry for my bad English and grammar.


They are both 580 cards. So they perform more or less the same.

According to this site the Nitro plus can turbo ~30MHz higher. Remember that boost clocks are not guaranteed. Depending on your case, cooling, ambient temps, etc you might not ever see those extra 30MHz. The ROG strix however, according to that site, is quite a bit cheaper so based on those prices I'd get that one. Both were over $200 on amazon and neither card is worth that.

I generally suggest a good 450 or 470 board. Depends on budget and needs. I got a good x470 board on a sale nearly a year ago. That's been running my 2600 just fine. 2400MHz RAM isn't horrible, but most suggest getting 3200. Or better. I'm not sure I'd get 3600MHz ram as I'm not sure your 1600 or b450 will run it that fast. It will require a big OC to get up to 3600. There is nothing wrong with getting 3600 and running it at 3200 if the price is worth it. And if/when you get a faster CPU you won't have to replace your ram. Meaning if 3200MHz ram is 95 euros I'd get the 3600MHz as it isn't much more. Just be aware you might not be able to run it at 3600.


Sep 14, 2019
Remember ROG strix has a massive heatsink with 3 fans. Which means you can get amazing temps while overclocking.

Don't get fooled by the factory clocks. You can go beyond that if your temps are fine.


But they are both still 580s. Assuming OCing the core gives you an equal increase in frame rates, and it won't, if you up the core by 10% you'll get an extra 10% frames. Or instead of 60FPS you'll get 66. You can see this with the 590 which is basically a 580 on a different manufacturering process and higher clocks.,5907-4.html

With a ~15% bump in standard and boost clocks, the 590 in BF1 scored 92.5 vs 88.4FPS. That's not even 10% faster. The same holds true with Destiny 2, though the frame increase is closer to 10% but still well shy of the 15% boost in clocks.

580s are 580s. They should all perform within probably 10% of each other. Maybe one with a bad cooler and can't hit the boost clocks will be an outlier against one with a massive OC. But I don't see any 580 really outperforming others.



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