RX 580 can't do dx11/12 benchmarks?

Dec 21, 2018
Whenever i run benchmarking tests, everything runs just fine until the directx 3d graphics tests show up. The DX10 one runs just fine, but once it hits DX11 it freezes my computer and causes a reboot. Also, When I'm doing anything on my computer it freezes up. I find that it's not not my cpu because it's temps are normal. Does anybody know how I can stop this freezing. It gets annoying when I'm in the middle of a download. And it happens very often. Like every time I turn it on.
If you're simply DOWNLOADING it's a pretty basic problem. Not to troubleshoot necessarily but in terms of the system. As in its no an overheating issue that only happens when you stress the GPU or whatever.

My primary suspects are:
a) DDR3/4 memory so run MEMTEST86 for a full pass www.memtest86.com
- create the USB stick or CD/DVD
- boot (may go into BIOS)
- touch nothing and just wait for a full pass to finish or until errors

b) Power Supply - swapping to another PSU is only way to test
- i'd guess NOT the issue since DX10 works which isn't that much power difference and as well it freezes when just downloading? It's one thing if it's random PSU failures but both random AND under load seem a bit of a stretch.

c) Software corruption... not sure why basic downloading would cause a problem that also freezes on GPU usage. So doesn't seem like a graphics card issue.

*Best way to test software corruption IMO is to have a spare SSD or HDD (60GB or larger) then simply do a clean install of Windows (don't bother with login info). Install drivers and stress test.

Have all OTHER drives and devices unhooked that are not necessary.
a) insert 8GB+ USB stick
b) download and run the Microsoft Media Creation Tool (Google) for W10
c) choose "for other PC" and "W10 64-bit" and wait to download and complete
d) shut down and unhook all drives except one you want to overwrite
e) boot to W10 Install, DELETE any existing partitions so you have just unallocated or whatever
f) Install W10, drivers etc and test

If you don't have a spare HDD or SSD try finding on cheap. Really handy. I keep a basic W10 install handy just to test things if they go wonky using an old 60GB SSD that's otherwise useless.

d) motherboard?
Eliminate everything else first.

e) Graphics card?
Possibly, though why DX11 would crash when DX10 works seems illogical to me plus the downloading issue should be unrelated to the graphics CARD then possibly somehow drivers or related software (hence the clean install method to test).

*So start with MEMTEST86.

**If you're really stuck and think it may be software then create the W10 USB stick, then run "setup.exe" from it inside Windows. You should see the option to keep your apps and data greyed out (so it will). Just continue and it should "upgrade" W10 to itself. That may OVERWRITE any data that's corrupted.... make sure to run MEMTEST86 no matter what and if a stick of memory is bad then you may have corrupted data on the drive.. in which case I'd sort out the DDR3/4 memory problem then try the W10 Upgrade but if you still have issues plan for a CLEAN OS INSTALL carefully.
If you have an INTEL CPU or AMD APU then try running with its iGPU graphics by:
a) shutting down PC
b) remove graphics card (note the motherboard LATCH you usually push DOWN on to pull card out)
c) attach monitor to motherboard's video output

Since you normally crash just downloading sometimes if it's stable right now your prime suspects are:
1) graphics card, or
2) software related to graphics card like DRIVERS.

I'd also run DDU to remove video drivers then reinstall them. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
Dec 21, 2018

My specs are:
Ryzen 5 2600
MSI B350M gaming pro
XFX Radeon RX 580 8gb
G. Skill 16gb 2x8 3000 ddr4 ram

WHY do you say that?
The BIOS is pretty low level so why would a DX10 test pass and DX11 test fail? That's very independent of the BIOS. Almost certainly a software issue or possibly weird glitch with GPU hardware though I doubt the latter.

Anyway, let us know if MEMTEST86 passes. I've given other things to test such as using a spare drive.