Question RX 580 Crashes PC /Loses HDMI signal when Idle - need a way to block the core clock


Apr 13, 2018
Hi guys! First and foremost, my pc specs :
CPU : Ryzen 5 1600x
Motherboard : Gigabyte B450m DS3H (latest bios installed- F50
GPU : Gigabyte RX 580 8Gb
RAM : 4X4 GB Patriot DDR4 2400mhz
PSU : Thermaltake Litepower 550w
Storage : HP 500gb M2 NVMe SSD / 500gb WD HDD / 120gb Kingston Sata SSD

My issue is as follows : My PC Crashes to a black screen every 5-10 minutes if the GPU is idle (300 mhz Core clock)
The only workaround I have found so far was to run a Unigine demo benchmark in the background, so that my GPU stays locked at 1340mhz. However, this is not a real solution in itself because the GPU then stays at 50% utilisation and 52°C from its idle 38°
Mind you, when I'm gaming or when I run this benchmark in background the PC works flawlessly, no crashes, black screens , stutters etc. I've even had 12h long gaming sessions without a hitch. The problem resides only in the idle clocks of the GPU
Here's a list with the things I have tried in order to stop the idle crashes, to no avail so far:
Software :
- Clean installed diffferent versions of Windows 10 ( 16xx, 17xx, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909)
-Updated Mobo Bios to the latest version
Installed a ton of different versions of the AMD Adrenalin driver (using DDU to clean the previous one up)
-Tried different power profiles : AMD Ryzen Balanced, Balanced, High Performance, Ultra High Performance - I've also manually disabled the PCI Express link power saving
-Disabled ULPS using Afterburner

Hardware :
Changed the GPU : My old R7 370 suffers from the same issue
Swapped the PSU : Changed an old Corsair TX 750w with a new Thermaltake 550w
Re-seated the CPU
Re-seated the GPU multiple times, on both PCIE slots ( x16 3.0 and x4 2.0)
Resetted the CMOS a lot of times, everything is stock.
Even went as far as to modify my 580's bios using the Polaris Bios Editor in order to achieve a higher P State 0 clock. I've modded it 11 times in a row, no success. I was able to bring the P State 0 to 600mhz from 300 but the PC still crashed like before. Anything higher than 600mhz on P0 will result in a Thread Stuck in Driver BSOD.
I've also searched the forums far and wide and there seems to be a lengthy thread on the AMD forum full of people that experience the exact same issue with their vastly different GPUs (from R300 series up to 5700xt)
From what I understood, the problem lies in the gpu driver but AMD hasn't bothered to fix it.
What I ask of you is the following: Is there ANY RELIABLE WAY to keep my core clock at 1340mhz without having to running a benchmark continuously in the background? ( Yes I have tried that tiny program called ClockBlocker but it does nothing for me, does not work in any way)
I'm sorry for the exeedingly long post, but this issue has been frustrating me for the past 1 and a half year. I can't take it anymore. Cheers! Stay safe!